Using too difficult words

Not established among the employees Even if you have implemented your core values ​​so well, it can happen that your employees put their heels in the sand. In that case, the announcement may not have been good. For example, I have seen companies that only communicated the new core values ​​through a newsletter. That is of course not the intention.

In addition to audiovisual

It is best to communicate the new core values ​​orally through a presentation, for example at a vision day or quarterly meeting. Please note that Honduras Phone Number List it is not a dog course. A dog listens to all your commands, but most employees are a little more sensitive. They quickly see a new idea from the director as ‘a lot of blah blah blah from above’. Therefore, make sure there is enough interaction.

You can do this very simply

Let your employees ask (critical) questions and give them room to think along. This will ensure more support within the organization. Are the noses still pointing in the same direction? Then start the conversation individually. 7. Customers, suppliers or employees do not match the core values You find out that that one customer, supplier or employee does not match your core values ​​at all.

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