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During the week of June 1-7, that number increased to an all-time high of 36,100 posts. While the spike has subsided, Albania Phone Number the conversation continues. Influencers are still actively posting Albania Phone Number BLM content in the last week of June. In fact, if we compare the last week of June to the previous most active week in BLM content in 2020, we see about 4000% of posts. This conversation is really just beginning. We know we have more work to Albania Phone Number do and we own it. We are committed to making our platform as diverse as the communities we serve.

With Your Customers.

Social media was originally created to share information in real-time, and good social media managers know how to take advantage of this. It’s important to hire people you trust to do the right thing. Brands are expected to react to what is happening in the moment. If you have too much red Albania Phone Number tape or too many layers of approvals, you can’t be agile. For big brands, this can be unacceptable. When it comes to your brand’s shortcomings in ethnic diversity, it’s important to address it head-on before being called upon. Rent the Runway did just that on Instagram. While their stats aren’t entirely satisfactory, they outline how they plan to improve them over time and start a conversation with their followers.

Albania Phone Number

As we announced last week, we have begun the important work of transforming the fashion industry and beyond. Being transparent about where Rent the Runway is today is critical to moving forward. That’s Albania Phone Number why we’re sharing how we show the world – and where we want to be – in our creative production, marketing, designer and ambassador community. We’re proud of the great strides we’ve made in some areas, and we still have a lot of work to do in others. This is just the beginning. Inspired by , we’re announcing that we’ll be focusing on increasing black representation




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