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Use your phone, not a fancy camera Ukraine Phone Number Remember the story of my mom taking pictures with her phone at home? I started with the phone as it has zero extra cost. Honestly, phone technology has gotten so good since 2017 that you’re probably going to stick with your phone a lot longer than I did. And these days, with so many food bloggers gaining attention Ukraine Phone Number through videos shot on their phones on platforms like TikTok, it’s a good thing to get familiar with taking great phone photos and videos.

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Just don’t forget to use the app (there are many free ones) to edit your photos and videos! Trust me when I say that Ukraine Phone Number even the best food photographers don’t upload photos directly from their cameras. Editing programs and applications can do wonders. To learn some Ukraine Phone Number food photography tips for free, you can find many helpful videos on YouTube. Final upgrade: You can start taking pictures using spots in your home as a backdrop, but if you find the backdrop or lighting isn’t right.

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You can buy a photographic backdrop Ukraine Phone Number kit like this one and take pictures near any window in your home. If you want to upgrade to a digital camera, you need a DSLR. These can run you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, not to mention all the Ukraine Phone Number lenses you can buy (same pricing as above). To save money, look for refurbished cameras like this one. Start with the bare minimum for social media platforms The scheduling tool is awesome!

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