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It simply runs like a red thread through almost all developments and forms the basis of major technological (r)evolutions. Artificial intelligence is putting an end to a world that is partly controlled. Where programmers tell the computer what to do. With artificial intelligence, the instructions are no. Longer given by programmers, but they train the computers to make their own choices.

Google has certainly not stood still

There is no need for a competition between man and machine for the time being. Certainly for now, it is mainly a competition between AI experts against each other. Anyone who uses the possibilities that AI has in the smartest way can achieve Italy B2B List a huge advantage. 2. Voice: users speak more Voice is one such trend that does not unleash a total change overnight, but continues to develop structurally.

Growth of spending on online marketing

It is precisely through the use of artificial intelligence that speech technology is increasingly able to understand what you really say and actually mean. Through AI, the technology learns from the use itself. As it is used more and more, the speed of improvement is increasing exponentially and voice is potentially in a huge acceleration. It is not for nothing that voice is at the top of the agenda at companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple.

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