Updates from Google

An update that many connoisseurs had expected more from, but nevertheless it certainly belongs in this list. On August 24, Google announced that it would automatically rewrite title tags. Based on users’ search behavior (see also this article on Frankwatching , ed.). This with the intention of improving these title tags. However, there was a lot of feedback on this update from all over the world, so Google decided in August to slow down the scaling of this update. EAT also became more concrete in the past year, with.

Google also made the necessary

Google even making official documentation available about the guidelines used to assess the quality of content. In October, Google also launched the continuous scrolling update on mobile, which automatically loads the next set of results USA B2B List at the bottom of the page as you scroll further. Updates to Google Ads Google has certainly not stood still in the field of digital advertising. For example, Google already implemented a major change for phrase match and broad match modifier in February.

The giant seemed more active

Later that month, Google announced a major update, making responsive search ads the default for ads. In April, the company chose to make several changes to its smart bidding options , including bundling Target CPA and Target ROAS with its Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value bidding strategies . Growth of spending on online marketing Finally, total online marketing spend is estimated to grow to more than $455 billion by 2021. It remains interesting to follow how this pie will be distributed in the coming years.

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