TypoGraphiC, a typeface based on DNA

With just four letters, this typeface, designed from dna, is capable of creating hundreds of combinations. Deoxyribonucleic acid aka dna is responsible for carrying the genetic instructions for the development and. Functioning of all living organisms and their hereditary transmission. Without delving into technical terms, we can understand that it is these molecules, made up of just four bases – adenine a, cytosine c, guanine g and thymine t – that, combined, are responsible for configuring the genetic inheritance of each person. Dev designer ethan valladares has taken the behavior of dna as a model to develop typographic , a set of fonts that mutate and evolve from four glyphs.


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Typographic, a typeface based on dna 1 typographic photo background removing one explores the idea of ​​evolution and represents that process through the glyph substitution capability offered by opentype fonts. Simple geometric figures become increasingly complex. Each of the initial letters offers different variables that allow us to see the mutation of the typography in front of our eyes. The letter a has 88 variations the g , 82 the c , 78 and the t , 69. Typographic, a typeface based on dna 3 typographic two plays with the configuration that these four letters use to define real physical characteristics in the human being.

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Thus, in this typeface, a combination of three CMB Directory letters is automatically replaced by a part of the body, whose particularities vary depending on the chosen sequence, in the same way that nature does when making different compositions in real life. Typographic is dev ethan valladares ‘s prethesis project , with which. He wanted to make a profound reflection on the origin of life and the game. Of chance in the configuration of the physical characteristics of the human being.

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