Twitter URL Shortening System Problem Still Investigating

The problem with Twitter’s URL shortening system is currently investigating the amount of data that Twitter collects to shorten its URLs. The related investigation was made by a British Professor named Michael Veale. This follows the enactment of the Privacy Act in Europe which will take effect in May. From this it can be seen that EU citizens have the right to keep their data safe, and not to be used by certain companies for unwanted things.

When this professor confirmed it to Twitter, the world-renowned social media company stated that they had no data regarding shortening the links they had. This made Veale skeptical of the problem with Twitter’s URL shortening system. From here it is questionable whether Twitter retains some of the data they have or not.

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Veale also stated that this investigation was carried out to find out whether Twitter had paid its obligations or not. The reason is, since the investigation took place, now he wants to know how further developments are related to the problem. Is there a way out or not? It also shows that data security is very important.


Twitter URL Shortening System Problem Still Investigating

In this cyber era, the problem of data taken by certain parties is very risky. The problem with the Twitter URL shortening system is also one of the other problems that investigators are also looking for a solution for. The Verge also recently received confirmation that Twitter refused to comment on this one.

Therefore, the protection of customer data must be promoted properly. Because there are so many people who use this data for personal gain. With the investigation into the problem of the Twitter URL shortening system, it is hoped that all that is needed will be revealed later. Actually, this regulation does not only apply in the EEA, but also applies to various companies Hospital Mailing Lists around the world. The reason is, there are many companies in the world that store personal data from EU residents. If this is the case, then what will be done with the personal data becomes a separate question.

Strict Sanctions If Violations Occur

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Of course, the problem of the Twitter URL shortening system has become an epic that is very much discussed. The reason is, the regulations clearly prohibit someone from knowing the privacy data. If a company is found to be in violation, it is certain that the regulator will have the right to prohibit the company from processing personal data used by anyone involved in it, be it employees or customers who use it.

Data leakage is indeed a significant problem faced by many people in the modern era. Regarding the issue of the Twitter URL shortening system which is widely discussed,

of course there are other problems that are involved in accompanying it. This can also be seen from how the application of strict sanctions.

will be able to deter the company and avoid not doing it again.

Equally important is that strict sanctions will be able to provide a deterrent effect so that no more data is misused. Especially data that is directly related to customer privacy itself. If all this data is leaked,

of course it will cause significant problems in it. The sanctions will also be directly applied by the relevant regulatory bodies.

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