Twenty Different Mechanics

Kimple is an online platform allowing the Poland Phone Number List creation of tailor-made contests for brands wishing to engage and retain consumers. Thanks to a large choice of mechanisms, the Kimple tool allows companies to collect useful information on their prospects, in a fun Poland Phone Number List and personalized way. Modern, easy to use, and technically advanced, discover in this article how this tool works and its relevance. Kimple Overview A varied choice of game mechanics The catalog of Kimple operations offers more than,

From The Photo Contest

Passing through the personality test. Or the wheel of luck. Simple-1 coupled with an instant win or draw system. These numerous types of games make it possible. To offer a variety of operations to internet users. Thus avoiding the redundancy of communication actions. Easily build your operation thanks. To drag and drop to Poland Phone Number List build its operation. Nothing could be simpler, all you have to do is select. The desired game mechanics. Fill in the basic information requested (dates of activation of the game, description, geographic settings, etc.). Then finally let the talking your creativity.

Poland Phone Number List

Advanced Basic Functionalities


colors, images, call to action, social buttons, etc. by clicking and then dragging the elements directly into your creation, your Poland Phone Number List can also choose to completely customize the design of the game by using your graphic charter, by importing visuals produced upstream by a graphic designer. simple-3 It will then be easy for you to create each stage of your game – via a tab system – and to configure different scenarios according to the answers given by Poland Phone Number List the player. Create responsive contests The Kimple tool allows you, in addition to the desktop version (computer screen), to create or import specific visuals, adapted for viewing on mobile. So your game will be perfectly optimized for all devices.

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