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What are things to focus on as an inbound or digital marketer? In this article I will take you through the most important developments. 1. Single source of truth The numbers still differ on this. For example, one study states that a company uses an average of 91 marketing cloud services (we think it is on the high side), another says about twenty sources. Whatever the number, as a marketer you definitely use more than one data source.

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Think of Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quantcast, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Ads, et cetera. In addition, you often also have your own CRM. That can Oman B2B List cloud numbers (and conversion attribution, for example). With the cookieless era approaching, having a single source of truth becomes essential for assessing your marketing successes and campaigns.

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2. First party data gathering Inbound marketing is all about helping the consumer or target group throughout the buying process. You do this by adding value as a brand, with content at the right time, with the right message via the right channel. Marketing automation and content marketing are important key terms in this regard. With, there it is again, the cookieless era approaching, first party data gathering becomes even more important.

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