Transformation to platform model

All online marketing activities should be able to positively influence these objectives. Marketers can then search for the right optimum with countless (bidding) experiments. 19. Send people by result, not by presence Companies should stop steering the time someone arrives at the office. Is that a KPI that directly influences the bottom line?

Many major retailers have started

It is not directly relevant and also gives the wrong signal. In the end it is not about presence, but the output is central. To get people’s focus on output, it must be clear on all fronts from within the company that this is the primary Ireland B2B List way in which performance is assessed. If you hire good people, they will. Without a culture of trust, many things will not work in practice.

Another important challenge

Trust is the foundation of success. Beware of people being too strongly guided by sub-objectives, such as. The result from Google Ads as a channel or. These individual KPIs are always related to the total. Everything is related to each other, so it is especially important that everyone within the team focuses primarily on achieving the overarching objectives.

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