To what extent are the platforms mobile friendly?

In this way you can put an entire army to work in a short time to sell your products to you. Three examples of networks you can go. To to provide the technology for your affiliate marketing program: Daisycon, Tradetracker and Zanox. As soon as you have made a choice for the network that best suits your online store, you will receive a piece of program code that you can build into your website.

What design options does the package offer?

For example, this is a pixel in an image or banner that links to the affiliate network. You determine the commission percentages and then you set up a marketing campaign. Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance that you invest a lot of time in Egypt Phone Number List building and maintaining contact with your partners, for example through special promotions such as a bonus or giveaway.

Which links with which types of software are possible?

Finally, make sure that you always approve orders quickly. You do this by communicating to your affiliate partner that a product has actually been purchased and sent via the affiliate link and that your partner will therefore receive his or her percentage. 8. Conversion Optimization Conversion optimization is the key to success for any online store. Conversion is taking action on your site. This can be an actual purchase, i.e. a macro conversion. But also participating in an action or downloading a white paper: a micro conversion.

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