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Faced with the reduction in traffic in stores. In particular, linked to competition from internet sites. As well as Netherlands Phone Number List the decline in the effectiveness of traditional marketing techniques. Companies with a physical network are naturally. Turning to new consumption channels of their clients. Beyond the many levers that can be activated. As part of a web-to-store strategy (AdWords, social networks, couponing, etc.). We wanted to focus on content.  Content for SEO schema-shopping a google study shows. That 75% of internet users find local information. Are likely to visit the stores identified afterward.

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One of the three pillars on which search engines are based is content. Without content, it is extremely difficult. Simply because the engine does not know. Which keywords should associate your site with. By producing targeted and unique content. On the services or products, you offer. You will be likely to be spotted by Netherlands Phone Number List the internet. Users and therefore encourage them to visit your store. The importance of informative content is another study. This time carried out by Ipsos in 2015, clearly establishes. The link between the content present and the switch.

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Having an institutional site listing the Netherlands Phone Number List points of sale is no longer enough, it is now necessary to go further and provide concrete information on the products available in the stores (characteristics, sizes, materials, specificities, etc.) giving this information you perform a first part of the act of purchase since you answer the first questions of your customers. This will facilitate sales in stores. Engaging and relevant content study-Mappy-Institut-VBA Consumers are increasingly using their mobile while in stores, either to get new product information or simply to Netherlands Phone Number List send the product photo to their contacts. 75% of tablet or smartphone owners went on the Internet when shopping in stores and above all 51% of them looked

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