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Because retargeting as we know it today is going to change. You want to quickly bind a potential customer to you in the. Process in order to surprise them again and again during the customer journey. With information, creativity and inspiration. With first party data gathering you get a better grip on. Who your target group is and where your interests lie. You can also reach the target group via the push-pull strategy, with the emphasis on your pull strategy.

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You want to draw them in, as it were, not to overwhelm them with pushy, screaming marketing messages. 3. Optimize your email and marketing automation strategy A bit Pakistan B2B List of a buyer, but email marketing is and will remain important to your 2022 inbound marketing strategy. A few numbers : About 80% of marketers see growth in email engagement over the past 12 months Personalization is the #1 tactic to improve the performance of your email.

Another important aspect

campaigns Companies that A/B test every email see a +37% return on email marketing over brands that never A/B test Automation-flows in 2022 So it pays to get started with segmentation, personalization and A/B testing. Dive into your marketing automation data, discover where opportunities lie and optimize your automation flows. More importantly, determine your goals and KPIs.

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