Tired of the environment or not

The tremendous impact this has on many national and local economies suddenly becomes painfully clear. Because although the Dutch GDP is 10% dependent on tourism, in many developing countries such as Aruba it is even more than 80% . Corona hits many countries hard on this point as well. But there are also plenty of regions that are happy with the sharp decline in tourism.

The end of business class

Over-tourism has led to many protests worldwide , from Barcelona to Bali and from Amsterdam to Kenya. The 850,000 inhabitants of Amsterdam welcomed 19 million tourists last year. The 50,000 Venetian Network Marketing Contact List inhabitants even 30 million, with countless unpleasant consequences for residents and the city itself. When I walked through Amsterdam yesterday, I noticed that it was very quiet around Dam Square.


Regenerative tourism

Even quieter than in my hometown of Maastricht last weekend. I have been advising various governments in the field of tourism for years. What can this sector expect in the near future? I’m already giving away my four predictions.Tourism worldwide Loving local Even though I think the Netherlands is the most beautiful country to live in, if I can leave, I’ll be gone. I only see most places in the Netherlands and Belgium for business appointments or speaking engagements.

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