Tide With the Series Stranger

It’s been a few months since the event series Stranger Things was Saudi Arabia’s Phone Number List was released on Netflix, and yet, like it or not, this name is all over the web. How did Netflix manage to make its series an interplanetary event in just one night, and to maintain the commitment of its community around the series? For the past three months, Stranger Things has been the most searched query on  Google in the Arts and Entertainment section, worldwide. Back on a campaign carried out succinctly, but brilliantly, thanks to the ever more original and creative ,

Things For The Release of Stranger

Netflix has focused more on the quality and originality of Saudi Arabia Phone Number List its communication. important to realize,, The enthusiasm generated. By the release of all the episodes of the first season in one night. Allowed the series to experience phenomenal success in a few hours. And this allowed it to Saudi Arabia Phone Number List become known to the public. By the public quite simply this ctoc marketing. Combined with a well-crafted social media strategy. Triggered the immediate success of the bombshell stranger. Things a success that continues today. Three months after the release of the first episode.The day it all started Netflix, renowned for its offbeat campaigns,

Saudi Arabia Phone Number List

How Netflix Turned the Marketing,


Launched the day before the broadcast of communication. Directors email lists the first season of the series. A partnership with the live streaming site twitch. For four hours the site offered an interactive experience. To internet users called twitch plays haunted basement. In which they could choose. What was going to happen to the protagonists. Who were playing video games? In an atmosphere of. The beginning of a  horror film.Events each more frightening than the next follow one another:All of this takes place in the 80s-style decor of the now-famous cellar from the series Stranger Things.

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