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And Niklas is right about that. Bad tropicana rebrand Image source: The Branding Journal Someone without a design or marketing background might think, ‘What’s wrong with the second pack? Doesn’t it look good?’ Yes, on the surface there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, but a critical comparison reveals 3 serious flaws in the new design: In the old design, the logo was bold, centered, and horizontal. In the new design, the letters are thinner, pushed to the side and also vertical.

That’s why new car models

Never force a customer to turn their head to read your logo or any other text! In the old design, the orange was. Hown in its entirety on one side of the pack. The new packaging tries to be smart by continuing the image around the corner. The problem with that, though, is that you New Zealand Business Fax List happen to have to see the packaging just in front of you at a 45-degree angle or else this will pass you by. But this perfect situation rarely happens, especially not at the time of purchase in the supermarket, where the drinks cartons are lined up.

Must be recognizable

The old design showed in large, striking letters what every juice drinker wants to know: does it contain pulp or not? However, in the new design, this vital info is hidden. In less than thirty days after the unveiling of the new design, Tropicana corrected the error. The old design returned and sales quickly picked up again. Nice design is important, but it becomes worthless if it is not practical. Tropicana in the supermarket. Lesson 3: ‘Consumers want new experiences, but they must be recognizable’ Raymond Loewy , the American.

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