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Something the other chat app Signal has already done with a privacy-friendly crypto and Meta wants to do again . In addition to New Zealand Phone Number many platforms introducing their own token to use within their own platform. There are also more and more large companies that accept cryptocurrencies. Such as Gucci , Emirates and New Zealand Phone Number Starbucks . I personally find the different discussions within countries interesting. More than 90% of central banks worldwide are working on their own ‘Central Bank Digital Currency. Which I wrote about earlier . But there are also many countries that are looking at a possible adoption of New Zealand Phone Number existing cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

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The most famous example is El Salvador. This country has turned crypto into legal tender, is mining Bitcoin using geothermal energy New Zealand Phone Number from volcanoes, and even wants to set up an entire Bitcoin city. Recently, the Central African Republic was also added. Here too, Bitcoin is now legal tender . And many more countries may soon New Zealand Phone Number be added. Last week, 44 developing countries had coffee with the president of El Salvador to explore the possibilities of Bitcoin adoption while they were in the New Zealand Phone Number country for a conference. 4. Are monkeys going to take over the world?

New Zealand Phone Number

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It started with a collection of 10,000 monkey pictures created by artificial intelligence. This ‘Bored Apes’ collection has become so popular New Zealand Phone Number that they sell for an average of $400,000 each. Much more interesting is the whole economy that has developed around it. From the Bored Ape Yacht Club (an exclusive online community, only accessible to Bored Ape owners) to the Apecoin (the own currency) and Otherside: a metaverse New Zealand Phone Number under construction, where 55,000 lots were sold as ‘Apeland’. Often when I talk about this, people think I’m crazy. I personally find these developments incredibly New Zealand Phone Number interesting, because all kinds of developments come together.

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