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want to buy items and food that are only available during the holidays, want to score bargains, and want to enjoy ‘holiday entertainment’. Many cities are also nicely decorated during the holidays. Cozy lights and terraces with heating. But Christmas markets also fall under holiday entertainment. 29% will shop mainly online and 27% mainly in the city. For the rest, it’s all the same.

The dot on the horizon

Expected activities while shopping. Less than 100 days to go Are you already busy with the holidays? Not me. When I walked through the Action last week, I was shocked by all the shelves full of Christmas stuff. And of course Albania Phone Number List the pepernoten have been in the store for a while. On the one hand it feels early, but on the other hand it is actually nice to get into the party mood earlier this year.

Step 5. Minimize data loss

Do not you think? We’ve all heard about removing third-party cookies from Chrome in 2023. And we also know that Safari and Firefox have already taken several measures to block tracking by default. So we see the larger tech companies go further and further to guarantee the privacy of their users, partly thanks to the changing society and the introduction of the GDPR.

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