This is how you prevent the Halo effect

A welcome guest on TV talk shows and a man with an opinion, it turns out. For unclear reasons, De Hond is involved in this murder case. He contributes his own money and that of an investor, and sets up his own research. He then single-handedly and without hard evidence points to ‘the handyman’ as the new suspect. Maurice then calls in the media, where he has warm contacts.

The handyman is apparently

He is welcomed with open arms to tell his side of the story. Also read: 5 psychological theories & how to apply them within online marketing The expert who is not an expert The expert who is not an expert in this field is allowed to sit down Jordan Phone Number List at the well-known talk shows and tell his story. His quotes and accusations of the handyman are spread to an audience of millions…


There are few doubts about the expertise of the Dog and time and again he takes a seat to explain his research and opinion. What follows is like an old-fashioned witch hunt. The handyman and his girlfriend have nowhere to show themselves, are threatened and eventually they move. The Halo effect in all its glory What is going on? Why does the Dog get so much broadcast time?

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