This importance stems from evolution

For that, Mr. Miyagi already has a basic webshop that runs reasonably well. How does the hands-on agency ensure that Mr. Miyagi can grow further? The hands-on agency immediately rolls up its sleeves. It is the priority to put Facebook and Google ads live on the current website as soon as possible. This is how they create traffic to the webshop. The aim is to strengthen the current digital approach as much as possible.

Wanting to be credible is like applying

Compound agency Wonka is an oversized candy store and has already taken her first steps in the digital landscape. On the website you can order sweet specialties from all over Belgium. They are already proficient in Google Ads and reaching their USA Consumer Phone List target audience . The compound agency approach is the golden mean. They start by focusing the online ads and campaigns. This way they generate more visitors to the webshop. In this process they look a little further in the field of campaign management than the hands-on agency.


They take a strategic look at more complex issues such as attribution. In this way they improve the campaigns with a strong digital chocolate sauce. Conceptual agency BuilderBob is a DIY store with locations in several European countries. Their webshop, Google Ads and Google Analytics are running at full speed. Despite strong marketing efforts, growth stagnated. They knock on the door of a conceptual agency. The conceptual agency starts with an extensive investigation.

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