Think about what your cookie

Internal tuning Tools regularly perform scans on your website. You will be informed if new measurement pixels or cookies. Assigned to specific consent categories. Regular scanning is important, because new or changed content. On your website often also creates new cookies. For example, consider placing embedded content, such as:

That is in some cases quite difficult.

YouTube videos. It is important to coordinate internally who is responsible for the cookies and the control of the settings. These are often not the same people as those responsible for content and marketing. It sometimes happens that Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List new content is placed where cookies are shot, for which no permission has been given. Checking the placed cookies and the consent given is therefore very error-prone. Cookies?

In this article I share

You can follow these four steps to adjust your cookie settings. Think about how you want to design your cookie notification and. Which settings are required by relevant legislation. Make a check. This way you can discover which cookies are currently being placed. The last step is good and continuous monitoring of. The rear and ensuring that it is properly adjusted.

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