They Are Harmed and Erased

I find it fascinating how much attention is paid to work and organizational culture. And especially about preserving it. That’s what we know before corona . What we’ve been working on during and what we want to hold onto for the coming months and years. That in itself is of course to be welcome but let’s also keep an eye on the disadvantages of that old, familiar work culture. Continuous accessibility and availability.  The occupational therapy of Honduras Phone Number continuous consultations and meetings and the tyranny of the open office garden.

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All of this isn’t necessarily bad in and of itself (aside from transgressive behavior). In fact, changing, innovating and improving things is a very good thing. It is actually part of my own daily practice.To explain those terms, I go back to what I wrote  Honduras Phone Number about the book Dual Transformation in 2018 . Namely that digital transformation often starts with optimizing processes. And if all goes well, they do not (only) tinker with those processes from the point of view of cost savings.

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As an organization, they mainly want to Honduras Phone Number  serve their customer better, easier and faster. (Or their citizen, tenant, donor or student, of course. Or their employee when it comes to internal digital communication, services and collaboration). With higher turnover and profit and/or cost savings as a result.

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