These (landing) pages are perfect

So start making holiday lists for your blog. Think of: ‘X jewelry that will make your girlfriend happy’, ‘the top X Christmas gifts for men’, ‘X shiney outfits for Christmas’ or ‘X delicious dishes for Christmas dinner’. But of course you can also create new holiday landing pages in your webshop, like My Jewelery does for gifts for women. Google search results about gifts. These (landing) pages are perfect to use for social media. But also, for example, for Google Ads campaigns.

So start making holiday lists

To get an idea of ​​what is being searched for and how you can help your target group, you can use the Google Ads keyword planner, but also Google suggestions or Google Trends . Search traffic in Google around the holidays. Create wish lists Honduras WhatsApp Number List For those who don’t like waiting around for a gift or who have a partner who doesn’t understand silent hints, you can offer the option to create wish lists. Here too we see a significant increase in the number of searches for ‘wish list’ in September.

Lists and (landing) pages

The Dutch jewelry brand Vedder & Vedder takes this one step further: they offer their visitors the opportunity to send a – not so quiet – hint. Screenshot of a webshop that anticipates the holidays with ‘send a hint’. IKEA turned the concept of ‘making wish lists’ into a giveaway via Pinterest in 2018. With the PIN & WIN campaign, she challenged users to create their own wish list, featuring IKEA’s Christmas products.

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