These Are Not New Problems

It may feel like police brutality is at an all-time high, but these are issues that the black community has been grappling with for a long time. Jennifer and Erin suspect the change comes from conditions created by COVID-19. With everyone sitting in their own house, social distancing, and/or being locked down, it is impossible to ignore the impact of police brutality. People who previously excluded themselves from these conversations now have them.

 They Are Not Going Away!

It’s important to hire people Poland Phone Number List you trust to do the right thing. Brands are expected to react to what is happening in the moment. If you have too much red tape or too many layers of approvals, you can’t be agile. For Poland Phone Number List big brands, this can be unacceptable. In fact, if we compare the last week of June to the previous most active week in BLM content in 2020, we see about 4000% of posts.

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Use Social Media to Communicate With Your Customers.

For five months in 2020, before the murder of George Floyd, beauty and fashion influencers almost never posted using hashtags related to BLM. We see a maximum of 20-50 posts per month and they are usually from the same group of influencers. During the week of June 1-7, that number increased to an all-time high of 36,100 posts. While the spike has subsided, the conversation continues. Influencers are still actively posting BLM content in the last week of June.

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