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Also read: How to measure the contribution of online advertisements to your offline sales Who can use local campaigns? Unfortunately, local campaigns aren’t right for every business. Besides the fact that you must of course have visited a physical store, Google has set a number of criteria for the conversions of store visits: You must have more than 10 physical locations in countries where store visit measurements are available (including the Netherlands and Belgium).

Local Campaign Features

You must have at least 1000 ad clicks and viewable impressions. The Google My Business (GMB) account must. e linked to your Google Ads account. At least 90% of your store locations must Be verified in GMB. Location extensions or location extensions for partners must Malaysia WhatsApp Number List be activated in your account. You have enough store visitors to meet the privacy requirements. It is difficult to determine exactly what is sufficient because Google says this varies per advertiser. Do you meet all these conditions?

More options to boost your local marketing

Then you will see the option ‘Local store visits and promotions’ when you want to create a new campaign and you can get started with your first local campaign. More options to boost your local marketing As mentioned before, Google is responding enormously to the changing landscape caused by COVID-19. New features launched this month demonstrate their commitment to a hybrid model that combines traditional retail with e-commerce.

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