There is still much to do in this area

Not all customers pick up the phone or send an email, but they also want to be able to send a WhatsApp message or an Instagram DM. And when they do, they also want a quick response. Or with one answer, for example via a chatbot. Young people in particular do not want to call, but communicate with companies via text. The same way they do with their family and friends. Conversational commerce via whatsapp womens best.

Privacy and Data Challenges

Image source: Hubtype Conversational commerce can play a major role in making an online marketing dollar more profitable. Not every customer has the patience to view everything on your website, but you want to be able to ask everything Denmark B2B List via Messenger immediately after seeing a Facebook ad. If there is then, for example, WhatsApp contact, the customer should also be able to easily pay in a few seconds.

Improving relevance and user experience

If you don’t offer that, in many cases it will simply result in lower conversion rates and customer satisfaction figures. A missed opportunity, which is relatively easy to pick up. 11. Globalization and China’s Growth The impact of globalization and the growth of China is very noticeable on the internet. Due to, among other things, the ultimate economies of scale that the internet offers and the importance of data, large, international parties are getting bigger and bigger.

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