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Video is an incredibly effective medium for companies and professionals. In this practical book, Pelpina Trip explains how to make sure the right people see your videos, with the right production, strategy, marketing and SEO. Download a chapter from this 60-minute book for free now! The DMK model is a visualization model to help you make choices for whom to use which communication tool.

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You can use this model in several ways: It is an analysis method It is an improvement tool You can benchmark with it (by comparing multiple Purchasing Directors Email Lists organizations and their resources) The goal is to reduce the distance between you and your target audience. It promotes dialogue and your customer experience. In addition, the model helps to prevent mismatches and to optimize your communication.

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The DMK model is extensively discussed in the article by Eric van den Berg and Gerrit Woerts. To knowledge base With the Merkwijzer you can investigate the true identity of your company. It is a guideline to enter into a structured discussion about the brand interior, brand appearance, the target group and ultimately the creative briefing.

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