There are of course common threads

The four pillars of happiness at work The energy compass The eight of happiness at work Enough theory! The characteristics of happiness at work are emphasized differently in the different chapters. Or as Coert Visser describes it in the collection: Psychologists treat others’ theories like toothbrushes – no self-respecting person wants to use someone else’s There are of course common threads, such as the importance of autonomy and the meaning of your work.

Psychologists treat others’

One author also involves well-functioning IT and pleasant workplaces, while the other focuses more on inner aspects, such as energy. Apparently there has been no editorial meeting to determine what Vietnam WhatsApp Number List happiness at work is above all. Also read: Agile working for more vitality & happiness at work Simple but true: rate happiness at work The opening chapter by Arie Pieter Veldhoen gives a nice introduction about how to get happiness at work in the pen.

Enough theory! The characteristics

The left-wing four characteristics of happiness at work play a role in collaboration. The right four aspects are mainly individual characteristics. In the chapter you will also read concrete questions that you can ask when researching happiness at work. With the surprisingly direct question: rate your happiness at work. 8 of happiness at work The (many) models for happiness at work show that work is not getting any easier.

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