There are numerous types of bracket

The Dutch Christian scholar and philosopher Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus invented the round brackets and gave them the name lunula , after the shape of the crescent moon. There are now several types of brackets: Most commonly used are the parentheses: ( ) (British English: brackets , American English: parentheses ) Less common in plain text are the square brackets, square brackets, or bible brackets: [ ] (American English: brackets ) In addition, there are angle brackets, angle brackets, angle brackets:


⟨ ⟩ (English: angle brackets, chevrons ) And finally the braces: { }. Which are also included in the parentheses. (English: braces , curly brackets ) For regular texts, the parentheses are mainly used. In a typical text, the other types usually look out of place, so only use them when you have a good Romania Email List reason to do so. Exclamation mark When you want to emphasize something particularly urgent or important, use the exclamation point. When you use this sign right after an exclamation, you indicate passionate feelings or emotions.

two very different letters.

Like a period, it can also indicate the end of a sentence, as in ‘Stop in the name of the law!’ The most common mistake with the exclamation mark, in my opinion, is using multiple exclamation marks in succession. Whether you’re writing a book, blog, or poem, use exclamation marks sparingly. So don’t write: ‘Go away!!!’ cried the neighbor. But write: ‘Go away!’ cried the neighbor. Exclamation mark Photo source : Bekky Bekks on Unsplash If there is no.

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