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In a recent poll, 90% of women believe women should be celebrated year-round. 30% knew that brands promoting Colombia Phone Number women in their ads “just want to drive sales.” Another study found that more than 75% of women studied would abandon brands they didn’t think would help their careers, but would pay more for products that actually support women’s advancement. (Read more in ADWEEK.) In a world where 96% of consumers Colombia Phone Number already distrust advertising, further hypocrisy will only make things worse. Trust is the No. 1 Charter for marketers because meaningful relationships cannot be built without it. We may be well-meaning, but we’re making things worse.

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Now how to do? Marketers, Colombia Phone Number ask if your brand should really be in this conversation. The feminist movement is bigger and more important than any brand movement. Be aware of the long-term impact on the integrity of your own brand, and the risks of the campaigns Colombia Phone Number you seek to participate in. Consumers, apply the same scrutiny to the ads you share and celebrate and the brands you choose to buy from. Through social media, we have a huge forum to communicate with and talk about brands. (For an example of consumer activism, see Sleeping Giants.) Cancellation culture can be an effective form of activism, especially in a world where we vote with our wallets.

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Employees, you can vote with Colombia Phone Number your talents and choose to only work for companies that walk the talk. Or, create change from within! Learn from modern activists within your company. If this is going to be our new normal every March, we need new rules of engagement. Stop the Colombia Phone Number confusion. I’m exploring these new rules in Pandemonium, an upcoming documentary, and a book. Follow the journey on Colombia Phone Number Twitter or LinkedIn and subscribe to my newsletter here.



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