The working time

A company sent all employees an email with the message that they were not allowed to meet the following week. Because they communicated it so late, the employees didn’t have the time to reschedule their meetings. The meeting rooms were locked and everyone had to be very creative that week to realize their meeting work in a different way. During the evaluation of the experiment, it appeared that the guest list of a meeting was looked at more selectively and some meetings were abolished altogether.

Work evaluation

Thinking back resulted in halving meetings in time or standing meetings. This way you can provoke many fixed patterns in your organization. So look at your work content differently and provoke, adapt but keep changing. You don’t have to wait for Ecuador WhatsApp Number List a signal from your manager or CEO to change. These lessons are applicable to everyone and it is also contagious. Work form This part of the wheel calls for the use of the brain. De Boe believes that in traditional organizations the brains of employees are often underused.

Work form

Rules and controls should be replaced by trust and letting go. It is always motivating when you can do something yourself, just ask a child. Moreover, creative ideas do not always come from hard thinking. Did you know that these ideas often arise unconsciously? The unconscious has a capacity that is 200,000 times greater than the conscious. The conscious cannot hold so much information.

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