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But what is the impact of these changes for marketers? Buy email list from latest mailing database. I share that in this article. What are third-party cookies again? Just to refresh your memory: third-party cookies are cookies that come from third parties. Think, for example, of advertising platforms. Domain and collect data for advertising purposes.

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For example, Facebook can collect data to offer advertisers increasingly better targeting options, and Google Analytics can determine through Algeria Phone Number List which channel you ultimately ended up on the website. Step-by-step plan: from third-party to first-party Blocking third-party cookies presents marketers with major challenges, but also opportunities. This development means that there will be new opportunities for better advertising,

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with more privacy for the consumer. This is where first-party cookies come into play. We are moving towards a situation where collecting and processing our own data will only become more important. The more and the more qualitative an organization’s own data is. The better this data can be used for targeting and attribution purposes.

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