The tool is not the target

The unopened emails in your inbox. The social media accounts where you mainly lost a lot of money, but which ultimately yield nothing except an exhausted dopamine system. And yes, also your Clubhouse account. Also read: 7 things marketers never want to hear again You will see that you will feel a lot lighter. You might get the inexplicable need to take a walk in the woods.

Creating the Halo effect with influencers?

Or to start a conversation in real life . Or to get started with things that really matter. Making that impact. Which bring you closer to the goals and dreams that you pursue as a person, entrepreneur or professional. Keep moving! Whether you Ivory Coast Phone Number List want to learn (use) the latest techniques, apps or gadgets or prefer to keep your knowledge of the more common things up-to-date, it is important to keep developing.

well packed is half sold .

Do you always want to have the latest knowledge? Take a look at our Annual subscription online courses. Yes, interesting! Column – The film about the Deventer murder case premiered on 2 September. In De Ververdeling you fall from one surprise to the next. Earlier, a book and a podcast were made about the bizarre case. Maurice de Hond and the media have a special role in the story. And a leading role for the Halo effect, a bias from psychology… What can you learn from this?

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