The time when executives

It is now clear to me that empathy plays an increasingly important role in teams. And an important, if not essential, quality is of a contemporary manager. The focus is increasingly on the human side. 3. talk talk talk Marit puts one thing first: you cannot communicate too much. Working and managing remotely forces us to communicate extra well. Not only about the issues that are going on in the team itself, but also about developments that are going on higher up in the company.

Be human

Keep your team informed, be transparent. The more you communicate, the higher the involvement of your team will be and remain. Don’t forget to pay attention to non-verbal communication Kuwait WhatsApp Number List in video calls. Yes, even behind a screen you can pay attention to how someone sits, what he/she focuses on, and how his/her eyes move. Do you notice a change in intonation? What do you see happening? Also make this a topic for discussion if you see someone’s mind wandering and check your assumptions.

Be inspired yourself

Marit and her team are passionate about ‘subtitling’ what they do. They name what they look at and what they see. 4. Trust your team Where there were pre-corona managers who didn’t let their team work from home because they couldn’t see if they were really working for eight hours, now every manager is forced to trust their team and give them autonomy about how they do their work. to do. A good development if you ask me! As a manager, therefore, focus on the ‘what’ and less on the ‘how’, advises Marit.

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