The technology is there

Themes such as digital transformation, innovation, HR, future of work, communication, collaboration and connection are central to this series. How should companies deal with change, what can employees do to catch up and what lesson should we learn? A positive view of the world of tomorrow, through the eyes of the thought leaders. Open Up Digitals is a co-production of Fellow Digitals and Frankwatching.

What nice examples

Real change? Watch the recording of the digital workplace event now! Do you want to take digital steps within your organization and get employees involved in your change? During the Digital Workspace Canada Business Fax List Event, the online event about smart digital collaboration, you will receive tips, handles and inspiration from renowned subject matter experts such as Eddie Obeng, Saskia Nijs and Rick Pastoor. Start watching right away! Knowing more?

How do you combine

No Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn stories, but Web Stories! If it is up to Google, we will soon see this new way of sharing content in the search engine. The first number 1 positions for this story form have already been spotted. What exactly are Google Web Stories, how do you create them and how do you combine Web Stories and SEO, so that your stories also appear at the top? As an SEO and content specialist I am always looking for new ways to sell qualitative information (via Google).

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