The shift to first party data is actually

Are they exploring without obligation? Are they thinking about a purchase? Or are they just a fan of the brand? Depending on the visitor profile, such websites can adjust their services and content. You can consider this configurator as a service that requires a profile. Brand awareness and audience building are becoming more important If users increasingly hand over their data directly to brands or companies.

Digital evolution: 

They are more likely to do so with brands they know and trust. Brand awareness and trust are therefore gaining in importance . In addition, ‘audience building’, which many companies now do through content marketing, is becoming Qatar Phone Number List increasingly important. If you can build a loyal audience with your communications, they’re more likely to be willing to create a profile, too.

The importance of data

Never waste a good crisis With the announcement of the end of third party cookies, Google has shaken the cards thoroughly. While this announcement comes as no surprise, the impact cannot be underestimated. The consequences for publishers could be significant: Google’s revenue from impressions could fall by 52% and for news publishers the drop could even be as much as 62%.

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