The Sector Is Therefore In Turmoil


Finally, we are diversifying, investing in development in a new business initiative. That will propose solutions for the automation of business processes using software robots equipped with artificial intelligence. A technology that we will hear a lot about in the coming years. Another very strong need is to reduce delivery times. At a time when the availability of raw materials is scarce, it is necessary to anticipate the problems. This will be increasingly important, and forward-thinking companies see it as part of their risk management policies.

Did Public Incentives For Industry 

Transition 4.0, the evolution of the Calendar plan, is undoubtedly a successful project in Italy: it has pushed many entrepreneurs to invest in digitization, it is working, even if, beyond compliance with the law, Australia Phone Number List the goal was not always really to obtain a competitive advantage or to activate 4.0 systems. In addition, there are interesting calls at the regional level. The PNRR should extend and consolidate incentives. We must insist on this path, above all by strengthening factory systems, focusing on software, as well as on machinery.

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What Will Be Stesi’s Development 

Certainly continue to invest in research and development. We want our solutions to continue to be recognized as being among the best and most innovative on the market. Another of our priorities is to continue to guarantee the highest level of service, in order not to lose even a customer: the reference model in this sense is Amazon with its delivery system. We are growing and will continue to do so, including through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.


For this, we need the best people. Human capital is a fundamental asset, it is the people who always make the difference. We are planning new growth and training paths, collaborating with HR experts. Today we are 25, we want to get to about 40, we have recently moved to a new and modern 500 m2 headquarters with this in mind. We are actively looking for new figures to be included at any level, junior and senior. Developers, project managers, internal process organization experts. We have also financed two scholarships for students of a Higher Technical Institute and strengthened the relationship with local universities.



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