The profile of the Human Activator

Did this article interest you in the possibilities of AI and machine learning for your campaigns? You can discover the tools yourself. For example, I used Orange and Dataiku , both of which offer free versions to train mathematical models. Orange also offers a user-friendly onboarding including videos. The hospitality industry is one that is constantly on the move. Especially now.

The ideal guest in the hospitality industry?

But how do you smartly respond to all the shifts and changes. That will take place in the near future with your company in the hospitality industry? How do you stay top of mind? Get started with these 5 focus points and that one ‘ideal’ guest is guaranteed VP Risk Email Lists to choose you. 1. Bet on online visibility Spontaneously looking for a place to eat or drink will not really do it for the foreseeable future.

Keep evaluating

So your – potential – guests scour the internet and choose a location that they think is worth their money and time, based on what they see there. And so you will have to rely mainly on your online presence for the time being . Too often we see entrepreneurs who spend an incredible amount of money on a beautiful place and interior, but that hardly anything is reserved for online visibility and the collection of data.

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