The possibilities are endless.

A secondary school from Houten in Utrecht held ‘the biggest school party ever’, all via YouTube. Well-known artists such as Snelle and Pjottr performed. Both livestreams have been nominated for The Best Social Awards in the Best Livestream category for their creativity. 5. Socially engaged Social media has a greater role in society than ever. They are actually right in the middle!

Take Snapchat or Instagram.

Social media, as it were, forms around a society and adapts. Consider, for example, the death of George Floyd. When this happened ‘in the real Denmark WhatsApp Number List world’, a movement quickly sprang up online, sparking protests. This was the Black Lives Matter movement. As a company you really have a responsibility online. This is where you can make a difference. It is therefore something to take very seriously as an entrepreneur or organization.

It’s a term you hear a lot these days:

In 2020 there will be various Dutch organizations and companies that have committed themselves to greater equality, acceptance and diversity in our society. They want to have a positive impact on today’s society. For example, there was the Omroep Zwart campaign. This campaign made people aware of racism and discrimination and that we should work together.

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