The PFLAG effect

Expert Bob Witeck says: “When you promote gay people, you also reach their family, neighbors, colleagues, friends… I call this the PFLAG effect”, referring to the advocacy group. Of Lesbians and Gays and now simply operates under. the abbreviation PFLAG. Millennials, as the most free-thinking generation ever, play an important role in this.

Since then, many studies have been

This effect is perhaps the most important economic reason for targeting the LGBT target group as an organization. 4. Segments are accessible (in communication) Segments are accessible Accessibility is about communicating with your Burundi B2B List customers and being able to get things to their attention, know how to reach them. How can you find them (LGBT or maybe just gay) if those characteristics are not directly observable or centrally registered?

It should be noted that his research

Do you rely on self-reported behavior or identity, for example via survey or census? That means, if some don’t answer the questions honestly, the data will be unreliable. The lack of children is actually the main (economic) reason for targeting this group . Straight people without children are (almost) equally interesting, but they are far from easy to find.

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