The Path of Former SDG Group employees

The initiative allows former SDG Group employees to collaborate, share and access content and events, through open and inclusive networking. Who, over the years, has allowed the company to grow, thanks to their skills, successful projects, and case histories. The birth of the Alumni community is part of a path – which distinguishes the SDG Group – which places emphasis on people, dedicating to them. Resources to guide consultants in becoming experts in their field.

How To Bring The Infrastructure

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and their professionalism.  The Alumni portal, born in December, makes it available to former SDGs. Research on the latest trends in Data & Analysis and Business Insights. Webinars, India Phone Number List courses, and targeted events through SDG Academy. As the claim of the initiative “Not just a company a second skin” states, the initiative intends to give new life to career and personal growth, overcoming the boundaries of the company.

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Closer To The Workload

The proximity of the various services from those relating to infrastructure to software – resides. On the ‘cloud’ and delivered As-a-Service, and proximity to the peculiarities, techniques, logic, and regulations. The specific sector of those who turn to the cloud.

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