The Parabola Will Rise

And it was believable too. You can read the artificially invented Algeria Phone Number List conversation between the two gentlemen here . For this stunt, Klöpping and Pfauth used GPT-3, currently the leading development in the field of robots and language . And the great thing is: the technology is open source, which means that anyone who wants to can use it. The technology has already provided Algeria Phone Number List many useful tools. Which can undoubtedly be used for public relations in the near future. The PR robot in the making Okay, time for another, more serious example. Not only because it is a promising case, but also because it makes the influence of artificial intelligence on PR more clear.

With Long Reputation

As early as 2017, the so-called LassoX robot Mimi was launched Algeria Phone Number List in Denmark. This was a piece of software that wrote news stories about companies on its own. Every time something remarkable happened, the robot got to work. This allowed the machine to Algeria Phone Number List produce no fewer than 1,500 articles per day. Indeed, one cannot beat that. Mimi soon became the most published Danish . Journalist of all time. But the makers of Mimi wanted more. They had learned their lessons and raised the bar even higher. This is how IC Robotic was created. A machine that could generate articles even better automatically. The experiment was no fun anymore, the robot was actually hired.

Damage As A Result

Algeria Phone Number List

Among others by the Danish publisher Ekstra Bladet. Many sports Algeria Phone Number List articles that were subsequently published in Ekstra came from IC Robotic. How does that robot do that, you wonder. And is it possible as a PR professional to present such a robot with an idea, as Algeria Phone Number List we sometimes do with a journalist? Unfortunately, we are not there yet. Says Marc Aas Nilsson, the founder of IC Robotic. ‘The robot writes its stories from a data feed from a football database,’ says Nilsson. ‘You can’t just influence him, because the robot only takes the data that is in the data feed.’

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