The noble art of creating historical infographics in detail

Fernando gómez baptista creates each of his infographics as if from a comic, taking care of every visual and script detail. For fernando gómez baptista fernandobaptista designing an infographic is much more than ordering and presenting data in a logical and beautiful way. After more than a decade working as an infographic designer for national geographic, it can be said that he has elevated this discipline to the category of art. In the course he creates an infographic that will make history he explains the most important ins and outs, tips and tricks for creating a successful infographic that leaves the reader with a wow of astonishment in the mouth.


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The noble art of creating historical infographics photo retouching service in detail 1 in the infographics that baptista teaches her students, the illustration and the visual part take on great prominence, without neglecting the high degree of information, detail and fidelity to the story that each of the pages she designs collects. For him, making an infographic is to respect the hierarchy of information, the order of reading, as if he were writing a script, telling the story with the help of images, like a comic. The noble art of creating historical infographics in detail 3 baptista, trained in fine arts, combines different techniques to create his infographics. His main tool is the pencil, with which he draws the final illustrations, but also the sketches of the models that he usually builds to give his infographics more realism.

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In this course, he teaches his students both CMB Directory techniques to provide them with all the possible tools to create impressive infographics, such as those of almu cuesta, one of baptista’s students who has also ended up working for national geographic and who told us about her project some time ago. The ice globe . The modality of the course create an infographic that will make history taught by fernando gomez baptista and that of all domestika courses is online, to learn wherever and whenever you want. While some prefer minimalism, empty spaces, and few lines, others choose handwriting, unique paper, or even detailed product information to show the authenticity of their beer and touch the interest. Consumers. It’s a way of giving a personality to the beer that customers will be able to associate with.

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