The New Market Context

That sounds promising and like something you should invest in, right? But which influencer marketing aspects demand your attention? Where is the focus this year? In short, what are the trends for 2021? 1. More collaborations with micro and Thailand Phone Number nano influencers 2. Authenticity is key 3. A focus on influencer fraud 4. Brand ambassadors for your campaign 5. Choose video The pandemic has had an effect on the way we use social media and how we view influencers. The National Social Media survey shows that the number of Dutch people aged 15 or older who are active on social media has increased from 13.5 million to 13.7 million in the past year. And we mainly use social media to make connections with others now that we are ‘locked up’ at home.

The New Challenge

Decide where you want to share videos YouTube is by far the largest video platform in the world. About 2 billion people use YouTube at least once a month and 70% of them use their phone. However, there are more platforms. For example, you can Thailand Phone Number upload videos directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Determine in advance where your customers are and be active there. Starting with video marketing? 2021 is the time Video Thailand Phone Number marketing is flourishing and corona reinforces this. About 86% of companies now use video for marketing purposes. And 91% of marketers find the use of video more important than ever due to the corona crisis. Are you not doing anything with video now? Then take a critical look at your marketing strategy, because video marketing is here to stay. Even after the corona crisis.Later.


Their Worked Hours To Clients

This also applies to connections with influencers. Recognition is the key word here. We want to see real people living in the same reality as Thailand Phone Number us. So no superficial pictures or people with an lavish lifestyle. We desire genuine content and interaction and as a result the following trends for influencer marketing demand our attention. 1. More collaborations with micro and nano influencers The demand for micro and nano influencers is growing as more and more brands recognize the value of these influencers. Micro and nano influencers have a higher engagement rate compared to mega influencers because it is more manageable for them to respond to the reactions of followers.

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