The moral of the story:

Target ‘kid-friendly bike rides’ and formulate the copy of your advertisements in such a way that X-brand bicycles are the best choice here. Google Ads run on a landing page about the ‘top ten best cycling routes in region X’. Social ads leading to a blog with a checklist for safe and enjoyable bike rides. As a result, people do not immediately buy a bicycle, but if your content offers added value, visitors will absorb relevant information.

As a result, people

They get a positive image of your brand and remember you for a possible future purchase. So you see, Google Ads here is a performance channel that Honduras WhatsApp Number List fulfills the objectives of a branding campaign ( plant the seed ), isn’t it? The moral of the story: If a channel can serve a purpose, you should consider it, regardless of what the internet’s “best practices” or “proven methods” are .

They get a positive image

You easily become familiar with certain channels and their supposed purpose. Before you know it, you have a channel bias: you blindly use the same channels over and over. Marketers are trained to reach people during the entire buyer journey : from SEE to CARE. When they put together their ideal marketing mix, the first thought is to be active on different channels.

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