The Less Work Podcast

In this podcast she shares her golden tips and systems about. Online marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship and she teaches you how to make marketing fun. 6. Growth food for entrepreneurs In this podcast Gerhard te Velde interviews entrepreneurs, authors and other experts in the field of entrepreneurship. The episodes are full of inspiration, insights and practical tips. Not only for business growth, but also personal development.

De RetailTrends Podcast

Fair Binding A podcast aimed at HR managers, communication employees, entrepreneurs and recruiters. In short, anyone engaged in recruiting staff. Podcast host Arthur Wensveen talks to interesting people who contribute UK Phone Number List to knowledge about HR, recruitment and labor market communication from other fields. 8. Customer Engagement Do you deal with customer contact?

Daily Business Boost

Then our own Customer Engagement podcast in collaboration with Obi4wan is highly recommended. In this, Levi Witbaard talks to the most progressive customer contact professionals from well-known B2C and B2B brands about their vision on customer contact. And you will learn how to make the optimal combination between data, processes, people and technology.

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