The Italian Program

Furthermore, the Italian AI market has only doubled in the space of two years. For 76% thanks to investments by Italian companies (equal to 290 million euros). For the remaining 24% as exports for 90 million euros of projects based on AI. Italy has launched the Strategic Program for artificial intelligence, in the wake of the European Commission’s proposed regulation on AI. The proposal, thanks to the synergistic work of three Ministries and 24 recommendations for action, aims to regulate the development, use and commercialization of technologies related to artificial intelligence, under the banner of a cooperative and inclusive approach.

Difference Between Deep Learning 

Here, within these applications, deep learning techniques find their practical application. It is no coincidence that the boom in machine learning coincided with the advent of. The large Hong Kong Phone Number volumes of data (structured and unstructured) serve in fact to better train the models. The growth of big data available is unstoppable, but in the context of Industry 4.0, the available data are not always sufficient for deep learning.

Hong Kong

And Machine Learning

Machine learning is a technique by which computers can learn from data using algorithms to perform high-performance activities without requiring explicit programming. Deep learning, on the other hand, uses a complex structure of algorithms modeled on the human brain. This enables the processing of unstructured data such as documents, images, and texts.

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