The internal cement

A large study shows that 85% of consumers now see digital advertisements just as much as fake news . Events are therefore becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool among organizations. To maintain contact with the organization’s network (now that almost all network events have disappeared), for generating unique and authentic content, and gathering potential leads.

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It fits beautifully into an omnichannel strategy, by using and deploying different channels in the run-up to, during and after the event. Research showed that 95% of the events, organized by small VP R&D Email Lists organizations, gave a positive return on investment . 2. The internal cement The future of working is remote . So it is useful to act on it now. Although I do believe that people are not going to work completely from home.

It fits beautifully into an omnichannel

The surveys among employees and employers about working in the post-corona era do not lie. Events are a great way to keep and stimulate involvement. Engagement leads to higher profits, better individual growth and 90% less outflow , according to studies by Forbes and Hayes . For Adobe, internal events are even part of the big strategy, since the company found in its own research.

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