The internal cement

Next level marketing For hundreds of thousands of years, we as humans have been telling each other stories. Storytelling is therefore not a hip new marketing concept, but old wine in new bottles. 2,000 years, advertising only emerged in the last century . Where you in the beginning stood out with catalogs and. Advertisements in newspapers and on TV.

Successful marketing isn’t

Of these, Google and Facebook control 70% of the market. More and more companies such as Adidas and Booking are only doing digital marketing and companies such as Lego and the largest advertiser in the world, Procter & Gamble, are fully committed to online China Business Fax List communities . Successful marketing isn’t about your product, it’s about the passions of your customers. – Mack Collier Marketing is constantly on the move. This is due to the constant flow of new technologies, fierce competition and constantly changing customer demand.

Next level marketing

A large study shows that 85% of consumers now see digital advertisements just as much as fake news . Events are therefore becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool for organizations. To maintain contact with the organization’s network (now that almost all network events have disappeared), for generating unique and authentic content, and gathering potential leads. It fits beautifully into an omnichannel strategy, by using and deploying different channels in the run-up to, during and after the event. Research showed that 95% of the events, organized by small organizations, gave a positive return on investment .

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