The Importance Of Digitizing Warehouse

Every year Stesi dedicates a lot of resources to R&D, about 10% of turnover. In the last two years, the technological trajectory has provided for a revision of the architecture, that is, we have rewritten the software according to a “layered” model, with decoupling from the field devices from functional logics, in particular systems, for simpler integration. Furthermore, the User Experience has been rethought. Creating a simple and familiar user interface like that of the smartphone. It is a very important aspect for those who use executive systems, operational figures of logistics, and production sites.

Do Italian SMEs Understand

In addition, we have launched three new products on the market, aimed at both new customers and those already active, which have been very successful, with several installations already made. They are Belgium Phone Number List scalable solutions designed for smaller companies. Which are 99.5% of Italian companies. Those with less than 50 employees: cannot tackle a complex project, but they must innovate. We want to bring the skills and know-how we have acquired working with medium-large companies to small businesses.

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Today there is great awareness, the market has changed a lot in ten years. Until now, small businesses have often relied on the warehouse worker who remembers in mind if the products are available and know where they are. The problem arises when there is no warehouse worker or operator: Belgium Phone Number List they risk having to stop the plant! The pandemic has exploded this need for businesses to be independent from people by adopting dedicated systems. If the employee changes, just have the new one follow the instructions through a smartphone.

Many companies have tried to solve the problem with ERPs.  ERP is not enough and today a medium-sized company knows this.

Then there is another fundamental aspect, that of monitoring internal costs. In a climate of uncertainty, and on this too we have a dedicated solution. Margins are tight, you need to control costs and have visibility. Then there are companies that are part of supply chains that require a certain type of production logistics model.



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